Black Woman Agricultural Freedom Fund

Black woman Agricultural Freedom Fund

Because black freedom cannot wait



Warrior queen
t-shirt series

We are excited to announce the next step in our fundraising efforts. The Warrior Queen T-Shirt Series is a limited-edition series honoring the legacies of four trailblazing warriors that represent freedom, the resilience of African Indigenous women and dedication to the land. All proceeds from the series will go directly towards the Black Woman Agricultural Freedom Fund. 


We are humbled by the support we have received and would like to offer back to those who are willing to invest in this project and the future of Black food sovereignty.


We are sharing a CODE for the creators of BLACK CULTURE. The growers, the land defenders, the water observers, the cultivators, the seed savers, the over policed, the brilliance behind BLACK CURRENCY. 


This code is also available to non-Black people who have supported the BWAFF and who see black economic autonomy as a space to support BECAUSE BLACK FREEDOM CANNOT WAIT. 


Please use the CODE: blkculture at the check out. This is developed on an honour system, please share and use the code only if it applies to you.